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I'm building a firefox extension that has an iframe inside a panel.

I use a xul file as src of the iframe.

When i click on a specific button inside the iframe, i want the iframe to be loaded again with the same src but hide some elements and show another ones. To do this hide/unhide, i have the code on the xul onload, and it works well loading the iframe the first time, or when changing the src.

But when i hide and show the panel with the same src, the onload isn't triggered again.

Should i be doing something before opening the panel the second time?

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Hiding and showing the frame doesn't reload it - it really only hides and shows it without touching the content. To reload a frame from outside do:


Or from inside the frame:


For reference: location.reload()

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Thank you! It worked perfectly :) – Filipe Silva May 3 '13 at 10:57

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