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I have a selectbox with parameters as the value in the option, set like this:

<option value="{$i.tileid}androoftiletypeeq{$i.model}andproducenteq{$i.producent}">{$i.name} {$i.$title}</option>

I am trying to replace all "and" and "eq" to "&" and "=", but I can only get my javascript to replace the first occurrence. The form is named / ID'ed "rooftile_select

$("#rooftile_select").change(function(event) {


  var data = $("#rooftile_select").serialize();                
  var pathname = window.location;
  var finalurl = pathname+'&'+data;

  var replaced = finalurl.replace("and", "&").replace("eq", "=");

The last parameters in finalurl then looks like this:


Am I missing something?

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possible duplicate of Javascript multiple replace –  James Allardice Apr 30 '13 at 10:11
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var replaced = finalurl.replace(/and/g, '&').replace(/eq/g, '=');

This should do the trick. With the g after the / you're saying that you want to replace all occurences.

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simple as that! Thanks! –  Morten Hagh Apr 30 '13 at 10:24

You can use regexp with global flag

var finalurl = '{$i.tileid}androoftiletypeeq{$i.model}andproducenteq{$i.producent}';
finalurl.replace(/and/g, "&").replace(/eq/g, "=")

If your string is always going to contain {...} variables in it, you can use following to avoid accidently replacing the variable or request parameter name

finalurl.replace(/\}and/g, "}&").replace(/eq\{/g, "={")
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Try this :

replaced = finalurl.replace(/and/g, "&").replace(/eq/g, "=");
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