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are ther any integrate parser mathematical expertion component in delphi?

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Try Pegtop Math Expression Eval component. It is a real bad-ass math component.

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Several, have a look here. efg's site is full of good info for Delphi programmers btw.

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(I guess you don't want to do, so it might rather be for other's information...)

If you want to make some numerical caluculating software and you can choose commercial product, take a look at MtxVec.

It can not only supprt scripting, but can handle matrix, vectors, complex numbers.

You can use matrix, vectors with operator overloading(after D2006), so it's easy to use.

It wraps intel's MKL inside, so it's extremely fast. (But I think it might be weak point for deploying MKL's DLL. I wonder if I can choose with/without MKL...)

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