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I have a problem with the Cake (1.3) pagination limiter, here is the code:

$page = (!empty($this->params['form']['page'])) ? $this->params['form']['page'] : 1 ;

# Consulta        
$this->paginate = array('limit' => $limit, 'page' => 555, 'order' => array('Candidate.id' => 'ASC'), 'conditions' => $conditions);
$data = $this->paginate('Candidate');

When I send pages line 1,2,3, etc.. works OK, but if the result have 6 pages, and I send page 7, 8 or 999999 the query return to me the page 6, its correct?

I think the query send to me a empty array not the last page infinite.

Any method to force to send nothing when the page not exists?

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I think this is correct and desirable behavior. It's better to see some content than no content at all. –  ljubiccica Apr 30 '13 at 10:18

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That's how CakePHP pagination works.

If you want different behaviour you would have to capture the $this->params['named']['page']; value in the controller action and decide if it was an invalid number, then return the empty page you want rather than allowing CakePHP to use its default

For example

public function index() {

    $maxPage = 6; // need to calculate the max page value somehow

    if ($this->params['named']['page'] > $maxPage) {
        $rows = array();
    } else {
        $rows = $this->paginate('Model');

    $this->set('rows', $rows);
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Other method is allowed: $this->params['paging'][$Model]['pageCount'] return the page count, and now i make logic to "limit" the pagination. But.. shit.. its not "logic" to see return data if the page dont contain data.. if i send page 999999 i can get "nothing" not the page 6 content. Thanks. –  Zenth Apr 30 '13 at 10:28

In CakePHP 1.3, this is the default behaviour. This only changed per CakePHP 2.3, as the book mentions:

As of 2.3 the PaginatorComponent will throw a NotFoundException when trying to access a non-existent page, i.e. page number requested is greater than total page count.

So you could either let the normal error page be rendered or use a try catch block and take appropriate action when a NotFoundException is caught.

If you really don't want unexisting pages to display anything, you can always add some custom code to your controller that renders an error page instead.

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