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I'm updating application for Mac OS X 10.6 and getting this error. I believe that means Kagi/Zonic KRM module doesn't support 64-bit? So I can't build my app as 64-bit, right?

Is there anyone who use Zonic KRM under Snow Leopard?..

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Looks like it.

The latest version is from Feb 2009 and is 10.3.9 compatible so looks like it has not been compiled recently.

I would contact the autours.

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Agree with Mark, you should contact Kagi and see if they have something updated to offer. Something similar happened with Kagi's embedded library during the transition to i386:

For me, it turned out to be one example of many where it's ultimately not worth the risk of embedding compiled code that you can't compile/fix yourself. I no longer depend upon the Kagi stuff, for a variety of reasons.

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