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I have created a shell script that check status for mysql and send a mail if it is not running.The script is running well but from and subject are not coming well in mail.

FROM_ADDRESS is coming as root and subject is coming blank.

SUBJECT="MySQL Server Status Update"

# This file will hold all the contents that needed to be sent in mail.
COMMAND=`which sendmail`

# Remove the file if exists

echo "Hi All"$'\n' >> $BODY_FILE
echo "This is MySQL Server status update.Status Checked At $SENT_DATE." >> $BODY_FILE

# The below line will check status for mysql if it is running it wil return output  "mysqlstart/running,"
SERVER_STATUS_TO_CHECK=`service mysql status | grep 'mysql' | awk '{print $1 $2}'`

# Check status and if server is not running and send mail
if [ "$SERVER_STATUS_TO_CHECK" == "mysqlstart/running," ]; then
    echo "MySQL is Running"$'\n'>> $BODY_FILE
    echo "MySQL Server is not running.Please investigate ASAP."$'\n' >> $BODY_FILE
    echo "Best Regards" >> $BODY_FILE
    echo "Admin" >> $BODY_FILE
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I think the problem may lie with using sendmail in that way. perhaps mail a is better choice



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