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I have a Java application that uses MySQL with the Connector/J MySQL connector. I would like to specify the default client charset in the $HOME/.my.cnf file of the application user, so that it does not affect other applications on the same server.

To test whether Connector/J uses $HOME/.my.cnf, I created the file with the following content:


I expected that the Java application fails to connect to the database, because the /tmp/inexisting-mysql.sock does not exist. However, the application can still connect to the database successfully. It looks like Connector/J is not reading this configuration file at all.

How can I make Connector/J read the $HOME/.my.cnf? Or how can I specify a [client] section option for just my Java application, but not for other applications that use the same database?

Regards, Benedikt

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To set the default client charset for a connection you can give that as a parameter to the connection itself:


I don't think there is a way to make Connector/J read your $HOME/.my.cnf out of the box. You could read that file in the java application and set the url parameter accordingly though.

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