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I am taking care of the GUI thread of a piece of software.

I have to display inside a gridview data that needs to be constantly polled from the underlying APIs.

I created a method called Sync() which updates the data, and I tried to make it thread safe by using BeginInvoke and/or Invoke. The Sync method is called by a timer every 5 seconds or so.

The body of sync is never called, as for some reason, it seems that my request is never pulled from the message pump.

Below is the code:

 public void Sync()
        if (this.InvokeRequired)
            logger.Debug("Begin Invoke of Sync operation");
            this.Invoke(new SyncDelegate(Sync));
            logger.Debug("End Invoke of Sync operation");
            logger.Debug("Inside body");


The log looks like:

10:00:00 Begin Invoke of Sync operation
... other stuff ...
10:00:05 Begin Invoke of Sync operation
... other stuff ...
10:00:10 Begin Invoke of Sync operation

the other messages are never printed.

The same for BeginInvoke. "End Invoke ... " is printed but "inside body ..." is never printed.

I'm running on top of unity3d and mono. (if this changes anything)

Thanks to everyone who will give help :)

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Solved. Apparently I was creating the Windows Form outside of the Application.Run command. For some reason instantiating the Form inside the Application.Run comand did the trick

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