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I simple got a Dialog with a 3 TextBoxes and a ListBox to switch between different input. Looks like:

ListBox dropDownPanel;
TextBox name;
TextBox msg;
Button save, cancel;

I call the tuple, Name,msg a profile. so I made changehandler which checks the selected index of the drop down panel ( dropDownPanel.getSelectedIndex(); ) and also a handler which checks if the TextBoxes have changed. If there is any change in the boxes, I created a confirmChangeInfoMessageBox() with 3 possabilities SAVE, DONT SAVE and CANCLE. The first 2 are no problem because both change to the new index. But how can i get back to the privious index if somebody presses cancel ?

Do I always have to save the privious selected value in the form or is there any different way.

thx :)

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First thing first : Cancel issue is not as simple as it sounds, specially when dealing with the deep nested objects. We have suffered for months on that.

Well coming to your case, there are two ways:

1) Since its simple you have to keep track of old index and then revert it back if user press Cancel

2) Or redraw the page with proper data fetched from a persistent store.

Or there is a third way of using Editor Framework of GWT, well if you can understand that. :P

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