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I have a Windows phone app where I have been using the ToShortTimeString method on some DateTime attributes.

I am now using this code in a Windows 8 store app and getting errors as ToShortTimeString cannot be resolved. When I check what is available on a DateTime object I see a smaller list of options available - clearly its a date but just a few missing options (one of which is 'ToShortTimeString'.

Have I done something really dumb here?

Am I missing a namespace? I am using 'system' although resharper is telling me that it is not required.

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What is your code and what is the error? – Soner Gönül Apr 30 '13 at 11:22

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ToShortTimeString simply isn't supported in Windows 8 Store Apps. You can see that when you check the "Version Information" in the documentation. It doesn't mention Windows 8 Store Apps.

But that's not really a problem. You can easily create this method yourself:

public static class DateTimeExtensions
    public static string ToShortTimeString(this DateTime dateTime)
        return dateTime.ToString("t", DateTimeFormatInfo.CurrentInfo);
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If you just want to get the shortened string versions, just use "ToString" as specified here:

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Check this thread:

Windows Phone 7 DatetimeFormat


output changes when I modify the phone settings

15 September 2011 17:01:57

// or

15 September 2011 05:01:57 PM

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