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In the below code, I am trying to pass 2 parameters from <display:column> tag. I have to pass code and level properties to an action(as shown below). I am not able to pass value of another column as parameter from a column. Here I am not getting value of level property in code property. Please help me out. Thanks!!

<s:form action="levelHierarchy">
        <display:table id="searchList" name="searchList" pagesize="8"
            export="false" requestURI="/getComponentDetails" sort="list">
            <display:column property="code" title="Code" sortable="true" paramId="levelId"  href="levelHierarchy.action?level=${searchList.level}"></display:column>
            <display:column property="description" title="Description" sortable="true" />
            <display:column property="level" title="Level" sortable="true" />
            <display:setProperty name="paging.banner.placement" value="bottom" />
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Inside the form you don't have any fields to submit. You should define at least hidden fields to the columns that contains the values you want to pass to the action. You also need the use of uid attribute of the <display:table tag to access the row values.

<display:table uid="row" id="searchList" name="searchList" pagesize="8" export="false" requestURI="/getComponentDetails" sort="list" >
  <display:column property="code" title="Code" sortable="true" paramId="levelId"  href="levelHierarchy.action?level=${searchList.level}">
    <s:hidden name="submitList[%{#attr.row_rowNum - 1}]" value="%{#attr.row.code}"/>
  <%-- Other columns like that --%>

in the action you should create the property placeholder for the submitted values.

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