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I'm using computer vision in the industry inspection.

I've written some software that checks whether the gadgets are places into the right place of a device, and whether the diodes are plugged into the right place of a PCB.

However I'm wondering if there is any well-established industrial computer vision software.

Of course there is no result from github when I searched for "industrial computer vision".

Actually I've found one such project named cross vision at uab.es. However the project is in Spanish and I just cannot use it.

Any information related with industrial computer vision is appreciated here.

Thanks for your time.

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The industry standard computer vision library is called OpenCV and is written in C++ (with a depreciated C interface), there are also wrappers for Python, Matlab and Java (although I believe that only the Python wrappers are extensive). You can download it here for Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac.

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Thanks. However I'm quite familiar with OpenCV, and what I want is actually a more specialized software in a specific application situation. –  SolessChong Apr 30 '13 at 14:44

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