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i have a validation in my .net textbox where it will take only numbers

but when i put the the phone format like

080 234234

it will not accept because of a space

how to resolve this ?

could anyone help in regular expression ?

Current expression is this [0-9]+

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Simply add space to characters range:

[0-9][0-9 ]*

You can also add start and stop indicators:

^[0-9][0-9 ]*$

EDIT: number must start with digit followed with digits or spaces (zero or more).

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But that would allow for an input of all spaces to pass, ie a phone number without any digits – jasondoucette Oct 27 '09 at 10:37
OK. I think [0-9][0-9 ]* will be better – Michał Niklas Oct 27 '09 at 10:40

You could use




either of which would allow one or more groups of digits followed by optional whitespace

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Really, the best way to deal with this is to remove all non-digit characters, then do whatever additional validation you may require, such as the number of digits or whether the number begins with a valid area code/country code, on what's left. That way it doesn't matter whether the number is entered as (assuming US numbers here) 987-654-3210, (987) 654-3210, 987 654 3210, 9876543210, 9 8 7-6.54321 0, or whatever else.

Concentrate on validating what's meaningful in the input (the digits) and not incidental details which really don't matter (how the digits are grouped or formatted).

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+1 That is the simplest and nicest solution. Just remember to be careful with the leading + used for international numbers. – ya23 Oct 27 '09 at 10:57

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