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i am porting an existing c++ project to objective-c++ and came across this mutex stuff. I am not sure what is done here neither if it is correct. To initialize some kind of multithreading lock mechanism (called "CriticalSection") the following is done:

#include <pthread.h>

pthread_mutex_t cs;
pthread_mutexattr_t attr;

Later in code:

pthread_mutexattr_settype(&attr, PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE);
pthread_mutex_init(&cs, &attr);

To enter the "lock" there is:


To leave the "lock":


My question (since I have no clue how this is done) is: Does this look like a correct implementation? Because I encounter problems that look like the lock mechanism just does not work (bad memory access errors, corrupt pointers in situations where the "CriticalSection" was used).

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It's correct except that you don't want to destroy the mutex when unlocking. Only destroy the mutex when you can guarantee that all threads have finished with the it.

for example:

class CriticalSection
        pthread_mutexattr_t attr;
        pthread_mutexattr_settype(&attr, PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE);
        pthread_mutex_init(&mutex, &attr);
    ~CriticalSection() { pthread_mutex_destroy(&mutex); }
    void Enter() { pthread_mutex_lock(&mutex); }
    void Leave() { pthread_mutex_unlock(&mutex); }
    pthread_mutex_t mutex;
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