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ggplot(dat,aes(a,c,colour=d)) + geom_point() # line 1

ggplot(dat,aes(a,c,shape=d)) + geom_point() # line 2

Why is line 1 working but not line 2 ? Isn't it just a difference of how the plots are lookink ?

Thank you

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The error message tells you what's wrong:

Error: A continuous variable can not be mapped to shape

shape needs a factor:

ggplot(dat,aes(a,c,shape=factor(d))) + geom_point() 

Also check how ggplot(dat,aes(a,c,colour=factor(d))) + geom_point() (a discrete colour scale) looks compared to the continuous colour scale.

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An alternative to convert the continuous variable into a factor is cut. – cbeleites Apr 30 '13 at 15:51

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