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All my XPages apart from "DefaultLogin.xsp" have a resource of xpServerSide added to them, but wondered if there was a way to add this resource via the theme?

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you can add resources to your theme like this:

<theme extends="whatever">
        <bundle src="" var="strings"></bundle> <!-- propertie example -->
        <dojoModule name="extlib.dijit.ExtLib"></dojoModule><!-- dojo module example  -->
        <script src="/whatever.js" clientSide="true"></script><!-- scriptlibray example -->

This will add your script, properties or dojoModule to all your XPages if this theme is selected.

You can also extend this by adding a rendered attribute to the <resource> tag. to load it only on special conditions. e.g.:

<resource rendered="#{javascript:context.getUserAgent().isFirefox()}">
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