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My web application (php) connects to a C++ engine through Oracle procedures. The clients interact with the website through jQuery activating or desactivating some ticks or checkboxes in a table (96 checkboxes) for a given user and week.

Once the user checks or unchecks a checkbox, an asynchronous action calls an Oracle procedure to perform the task in the engine.

The problem

The engine sometimes needs 3 or 4 minutes between receiving the order and finally returning back the result. This can not be done faster as it operates with a very big amount of data and very complex algorithms.

What I am looking for

I wonder what would be the best way to deal with this in order to show the changes in real time for the users.

Right now I am presupposing that the actions are done successfully and I am showing the checkboxes status in concordance. This is done in the jQuery action callback just after the check or uncheck of a checkbox.

This works fine if the user stays in the same page, but if the user reloads the page or goes to another one and then come back again, they will notice the actions wouldn't took place as I am loading the data from the database.

Possible idea

I was thinking about the possibility to work with a cached version of the table for the given week. The problem with it is that changes in some checkboxes affect other weeks' tables... I might have to to cache at least 4 future weeks and operate over my cache according to the user actions as well as calling the respective Oracle procedures...

It doesn't sound so well... if you have a better idea about how to deal with this kind of cases, I would really appreciate it.


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"This can not be done faster as it operates with a very big amount of data and very complex algorithms." Somehow I doubt this. If it takes that long you're almost certainly "doing it wrong." At any rate, this sounds like a great use-case for websockets. –  rdlowrey Apr 30 '13 at 13:16
@rdlowrey well, that's what the guys in the core are saying and therefor I can only think about how to do my best at my field. (web development) –  Alvaro Apr 30 '13 at 13:24

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