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Following is the exact scenario in my application.

  • There are two dropdownlist in my View - Country and City
  • I am using Select2 JQuery plugin to make the dropdowns more appealing and also responsive of AJAX.
  • My requirement is to filter cities dropdown based on selected country.
  • Also, I do not want to use TempData, or Session to keep hold of datasource of these controls.
  • Also, I want to reduce WCF calls (i.e. database calls), so practically, once user selects a country it should somehow hold all related cities in dropdown or so (ofcourse, not in Session or TempData) so that I do not need to call database everytime user types in a search term in Cities dropdown.
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what have you tried so far and where are you stuck? –  Asdfg Apr 30 '13 at 13:34
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