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when started, jetty per default loads all directories and war-files in its webapps directory, that i can access via context path (e.g. http:// hostname/app/ to access the project in webapps/app.war).

Now when i open http:// hostname/ i get an 404 error and a list of the available contexts. To avoid that, i placed an index.html in the webapps directory and expected it to be returned when calling http:// hostname/. But i was wrong.

So how can i tell jetty what to return when accessing "/"?

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The simplest thing to do is to create a little webapp with your index page in it and to deploy that as the root context /. To do so, provide your own context file configuration. Context files are normally located in <jetty.home>/contexts/?.xml (see ContextDeployer for more details).

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