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Here's what i'm trying to do:

I have a facebook group that generates content, because of the Facebook App, It's possible to to get the content in an RSS-feed.

Here's my problem: The group is mainly used to post music with links from youtube, soundcloud and other sites.

Is it possible to get the embedded video in your RSS-feed on an external website? I have no idea how to start doing this. Building this RSS-feed is crucial for my website.

Here is a piece of my PHP code that calls the RSS:

    $rss = new DOMDocument();
    $feed = array();
    foreach ($rss->getElementsByTagName('item') as $node) {
        $item = array ( 
            'title' => $node->getElementsByTagName('title')->item(0)->nodeValue,
            'desc' => $node->getElementsByTagName('description')->item(0)->nodeValue,
            'link' => $node->getElementsByTagName('link')->item(0)->nodeValue,
            'date' => $node->getElementsByTagName('pubDate')->item(0)->nodeValue,
        array_push($feed, $item);
    $limit = 5;
    for($x=0;$x<$limit;$x++) {
        $title = str_replace(' & ', ' &amp; ', $feed[$x]['title']);
        $link = $feed[$x]['link'];
        $description = $feed[$x]['desc'];
        $date = date('l F d, Y', strtotime($feed[$x]['date']));
        echo '<p><strong><a href="'.$link.'" title="'.$title.'">'.$title.'</a></strong><br />';
        echo '<small><em>Posted on '.$date.'</em></small></p>';
        echo '<p>'.$description.'</p>';

Has anyone got decent link to a tutorial of maybe some information information regarding this problem?

this is still done with a standard rss, my actual RSS is the following:

My actual RSS-feed, CLICK HERE


I know that in the RSSfeed some of the entries don't have Youtube links, this is because user remove them after facebook embeds them, this will not happen again in the future, so i need a solution for the post with the YouTube-link still in the post off course...

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