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I got an application that posts stories to Facebook (actions and objects are cutom).

Stories (when they are on facebook) can be commented, liked and shared.

My question is: is there a program way to load that stories' comments and likes (count at least)?

I tried an FQL like this, but it did not work:

select likes from comment where object_id=605173452834516

object_id was taken from object browser (the object was shared in my timeline and I commented and liked it).

By the way, my app currently is in sandbox mode - can it be the reason I can not query the comments and likes?

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Can you give example of public post_id? So other people can access the content to test.

This example works fine:

select likes from comment where object_id='10151558994286749'

Original link:

If you scare is your app setting problem, you can test on this way:

Copy user access token of your app, then paste/replace into Access token field at'10151558994286749'

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