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I have a PowerShell script like this:

$owners = @{}
gwmi win32_process |% {$owners[$_.handle] = $_.getowner().user}
get-process | select processname,Id,StartTime,@{l="Owner";e={$owners[$]}}

I'd like to format the StartTime to appear as 24h format and dont show the seconds. How do I do that?

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try this:

$owners = @{}
gwmi win32_process |% {$owners[$_.handle] = $_.getowner().user}
get-process | select processname,Id,@{l="StartTime";e={ get-date $($_.starttime) -f "dd/MM/yy" }},@{l="Owner";e={$owners[$]}}
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Complementing a little @ruda here is the link with all the formatting options that can be used: – mjsr Apr 30 '13 at 14:31

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