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I see in many pom.xml files the use of this property: ${project.artifact.selectedVersion.majorVersion}

such as in:




This property is not in the standard maven:

So, where is this variable defined?

I see that it has the build-helper-maven-plugin plugin:

which can parse the variable into majorVersion and minorVersion, but the default defaultPrefix is parsedVersion.{majorVersion, minorVersion}, instead of project.artifact.selectedVersion.{majorVersion, minorVersion}... (and the defaultPrefix is not defined in those pom.xml files that I am looking at)

so, where is the variable ${project.artifact.selectedVersion.majorVersion} defined?

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The thing to do is usually to start from the MavenProject JavaDocs and click through the property path.

MavenProject -> .getArtifact() -> Artifact -> .getSelectedVersion() -> ArtifactVersion -> .getMajorVersion()

For every XML Element in a pom.xml, there is a corresponding JavaBean Property in MavenProject, and periods delimit paths to properties of properties.

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