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On Solaris, when you compile a program that uses sockets, you need to link it with -lnsl -lsocket. Many such programs were originally written for Linux (where no extra libraries are needed), and therefore do not check for these libraries in their configure scripts, even though that is a rather simple addition. Something like this (untested):

AC_SEARCH_LIBS(gethostbyname, nsl, , AC_MSG_ERROR([gethostbyname not found]))
AC_SEARCH_LIBS(connect, socket, , AC_MSG_ERROR([connect not found]))

Is there a canonical way to do this check? Maybe even included in the autoconf distribution? You would imagine that there is a rather widespread need for that, but Google wouldn't tell me.

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i think the closest to a canonical way to check this is the AX_LIB_SOCKET_NSL macro from the Autoconf Archive:

# ===========================================================================
# ===========================================================================
#   This macro figures out what libraries are required on this platform to
#   link sockets programs.
#   The common cases are not to need any extra libraries, or to need
#   -lsocket and -lnsl. We need to avoid linking with libnsl unless we need
#   it, though, since on some OSes where it isn't necessary it will totally
#   break networking. Unisys also includes gethostbyname() in libsocket but
#   needs libnsl for socket().
#   Copyright (c) 2008 Russ Allbery <>
#   Copyright (c) 2008 Stepan Kasal <>
#   Copyright (c) 2008 Warren Young <>
#   Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification, are
#   permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright notice
#   and this notice are preserved.

        AC_SEARCH_LIBS([gethostbyname], [nsl])
        AC_SEARCH_LIBS([socket], [socket], [], [
                AC_CHECK_LIB([socket], [socket], [LIBS="-lsocket -lnsl $LIBS"],
                [], [-lnsl])])
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Thanks, that's what I'm looking for. I wasn't aware of the Autoconf Archive :) – legoscia Nov 2 '09 at 15:49

I can't remember any finished code off the top of my head, but you usually want to check whether you can link a program calling the gethostbyname() function without any extra libs first. Only if that fails, you want to try the nsl library.

Similar things apply e.g. for the m library.

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Yes, that's the idea behind using AC_SEARCH_LIBS: it first tries to find the function without any library, and then with each library in the list, in turn. (In my code, both lists contain a single library, though.) – legoscia Oct 27 '09 at 12:08

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