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I'm trying to connect ro MySQL Server using MySQL Client Library (libmysqlclient.so) from my C++ Program. This libmysqlclient.so on Solaris has a dependency with libstlport.so.

 libstlport.so.1 =>       (file not found)

This is what I can see with "ldd" command. I read in Oracle docs that inbuilt libCstd.so and libstlport.so are binary-compatible. So Can I copy libCstd.so and rename it to libstlport.so or something like this to make MySQL Client Library to work ??

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According to Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2: C++ User's Guide :

STLport is binary incompatible with the default libCstd. If you use the STLport implementation of the standard library, then you must compile and link all files, including third-party libraries, with the option -library=stlport4. This means, for example, that you cannot use the STLport implementation and the C++ interval math library libCsunimath together. The reason for this is that libCsunimath was compiled with the default library headers, not with STLport.

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