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In my angular e2e test I would like to be able to tell if an element exists on the DOM, it's not an test expectation, just a condition I need.

I tried to do

 element(".logout-button:visible").count() > 0

but count() returns a future and won't work outside an expect(). It seems that there is no way to add a callback when it resolves.

I tried to do

element(".logout-button:visible").query(element, callback)

But this one throws an exception when the element does not exist without bothering to go into my callback function. So how should I achieve this rather simple task?


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Seeing as Angular scenario contains Jquery, you should be able to check for a specific condition using jQuery.

    //do something

Alternatively, you could sleep() the test until you know the condition is met. For example:

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Thanks for the answer. I'll give jquery a try but I'm not quite sure if it will work because I am not sure if it works with angular's rendering cycle. That leads to your second alternative which is using a sleep(), which is something that we'd like to avoid. It slows down the application and introduce some randomness (because you never know how long is long enough for the wait). –  KailuoWang Apr 30 '13 at 16:21

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