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is it possible to edit a keystroke using a winapi keyboard hook? well, not neccesary a keyboard hook but something like it..

i wanna do something like this:

user presses key 'A'

my function adds 1 to the virtual keycode (just an example)

the 'A' becomes an 'B'

and the 'B' is sent to the destination application


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First, you need a Keyboardhook. You install a filter and the filter function receives the virtual-key code and the state of the keyboard at the time of the keyboard hook. Then you can change the virtual-key code.

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if i understand you correct, i've already tried this. do you mean just to change the virtal code in the KBDLLHOOKSTRUCT received in the keyboardproc? – shuwo Oct 27 '09 at 15:05
from what i've read, that's what you need to do. – Tobias Langner Oct 27 '09 at 15:14
Yes, it works very well in exactly that way (I've done such a thing once). Note that you should have a really good reason for doing that, as most people will find it objective if not malicious, and at least if you install a system-wide hook, antivirus software will likely raise an alert, too (application-wide hook does not seem to raise alerts, at least here). – Damon Mar 22 '11 at 9:15

I think you can do it by eating up the keystroke entered by user by applying keyboard hook. and generating key_event of the character you want.

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See tool AutoHotkey, with source code available.

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You can't change the virtual key value in the KBDLLHOOKSTRUCT directly. Instead, return 1 in the hook function after you sendmessage with your modified virtual key value.

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