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I have download UPS Developer Kit to be used with Visual Studio 2012. I try to get the "Package Type" and "Return Service Type". (See example below). I have tried to read the manual but still couldn't find them. Please help.

Package Type 
Package types. Values are:
    01 = UPS Letter,
    02 = Customer Supplied Package, 
    03 = Tube, 
    04 = PAK, 
    21= UPS Express Box,
    24 = UPS 25KG Box,
    25 = UPS 10KG Box,
    30 = Pallet, 
    2a = Small Express Box, 
    2b = Medium Express Box,
    2c = Large Express Box

Return Service Type 
    2 = UPS Print and Mail (PNM) 
    3 = UPS Return Service 1- Attempt (RS1) 
    5 =UPS Return Service 3-Attempt (RS3) 
    8 =UPS Electronic Return Label (ERL) 
    9 = UPS Print Return Label  
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In the Shipping Package Web Services Developers Guide, version December 30, 2013, PDF Page 379, you can see all the code field for Packaging.Code for the Packaging Type.

And for the Return Service Code, on the same document, look at Page 40, ReturnService/Code.

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I am doing similar kind of implementation and I do not think they support to fetch them real time through their service. So I guess this has to be in local database. I am happy to find out the solution you implemented if it is different to having them in a local DB.

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