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I was reading this site:


and I wanted to find out some more generic information on the ideas behind GPU computing (including the history on using this for computation and benefits over using CPUs)

Does anyone have any good articles that are not too difficult to digest?

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I personally find the GPGPU Wikipedia Entry quite instructive.

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This presentation on parallel computing is great, and I think it will help you understand GPU computing benefits:


It goes over CPUs vs GPUs, including a discussion on CUDA and OpenCL.

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You can find the architecture of the gpu in this document (CUDA programming guide): How the processing units are organised and what instructions you can use:


Here are some more about CUDA:


Here you can find general information about gpgpu:

GPGPU: http://gpgpu.org/

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is CUDA NVidia specific, i am looking for the general information that is not tied to one brand –  leora Oct 27 '09 at 12:16
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This is a good place to start.

I think the white paper on Fermi is a good read too.

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This link contains the Chapter slides from the famous book on GPU programming by Dr. Hwu(@UIUC). Chapters 1 and 2 slides specifically give a introduction to, as why/how Graphics Cards are now being looked at as Computing Units, without being too esoteric.

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