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This question is about rails source code.

I notice middleware method definded in railties/lib/rails/commands/server.rb (Rails)

def middleware
  middlewares = []
  middlewares << [Rails::Rack::Debugger] if options[:debugger]
  middlewares << [::Rack::ContentLength]

I think it returns a blank hash {}. It overrides the method with same name which definded in lib/rack/server.rb

If I traced right, this method called by build_app which definded in lib/rack/server.rb (Rack)

def build_app(app)
  middleware[options[:environment]].reverse_each do |middleware|
    middleware = if middleware.respond_to?(:call)
    next unless middleware
    klass, *args = middleware
    app =, *args)

My question is: How does the middleware method works?

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The method does not just return a blank hash, despite appearances. The constructor takes the argument and makes that the default value returned if the specified key is missing. Example:[1])
=> [1]

The build_app method is calling middleware[options[:environment]]. so if the specified environment doesn't exist, it will at least get back a minimal set of middleware.

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thanks for your answer, it's great! – lfx_cool May 8 '13 at 6:21

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