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How do you assign a bitmap in OnPaint a button? can you use dcMemory to call it somewhere else?

CPaintDC dc(this); 

CBitmap bmp, *poldbmp;
CDC Refinery;

//load the bitmap resouce

    //create a compataible memory DC
Refinery.CreateCompatibleDC( &dc);

//Select the bitmap into DC
poldbmp = Refinery.SelectObject( &bmp);

//Copy (BitBlt) bitmap from memory DC to screen DC
dc.BitBlt(10,10,100, 100, &Refinery,0, 0, SRCCOPY);

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Can you perhaps rephrase your question? Why isn't CBitmapButton sufficient for your use? –  Nik Bougalis Apr 30 '13 at 19:54

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You question is really not clear. And it is a very bad idea to make the Load of a Bitmap everytime the WM_PAINT message is processed which tends to be ALWAYS!

If you need a button that has a bitmap, I recommend you to use CMFCButton. You only have to declare a variable of that type and do a DDX_CONTROL of it. I used them and I can also change the image they present after the first time I set it.

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