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In order to reduce code duplication I replace this code

    ArrayList<Vertex> allVertice = new ArrayList<>(hypergraph.getVertices());

    ArrayList<ImageVertex> allImVetice = new ArrayList<>();
    ArrayList<TagVertex> allTagVetice =  new ArrayList<>();

    ArrayList<LocationVertex> allLocVetice = new ArrayList<>();

    for (Vertex vertex : allVertice) {
        if (vertex instanceof ImageVertex)


        else if (vertex instanceof TagVertex)


        else if (vertex instanceof LocationVertex)


by this method

  public <T extends Vertex<?> > ArrayList<T> getVerticebyType( ) {

        ArrayList<T> array = new ArrayList<T>();

        for (Vertex<?> vertex : this.getAllVertice()) {
            if (vertex instanceof Vertex<?>)
                array.add((T) vertex);

        return array;


but when I test this instruction


it return all vertex regardless their type!

what is the problem and how to fix it ?

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This is just a guess, because I'm not familiar with java generics, But i'd expect something of the if (vertex instanceof T) flavor – Sam I am Apr 30 '13 at 15:52

The literal equivalent would be to pass a Class<T> in (assuming T is not itself a generic type) and use Class.cast (probably with Class.isInstance). However using instanceof is an indication you are doing something wrong; reflection, orders of magnitude more so.

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change this line: vertex instanceof Vertex<?> (that tests if vertex is a vertex) to this: vertex instanceof T (this one checks if vertex is of type T)

also make sure you're familiar with Oracle tutorial and generics restrictions: Oracle Generics Tutorial

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I tried it before I get this error Cannot perform instanceof check against type parameter T. Use its erasure Vertex<?> instead since further generic type information will be erased at runtime – nawara Apr 30 '13 at 15:53
then try the following (from:…): Class<T> type; if ( type.isInstance(obj) ) { //... } – jderda Apr 30 '13 at 15:56
It mean that I should create a generic class Class<T> for each type ! it is unusual – nawara Apr 30 '13 at 16:43

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