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My theme is not being carried out on the dynamic pages that are created in the code I have below. on the first menu page it works then all other pages have the default theme not the one I have set in siteData.theme.

How can I set this?

    var siteData = build;
    $(this).find('[data-role="header"] h3').html(;
    $.mobile.activePage.find('[data-role=header] h3').html(;
    $('div[data-theme]', '#index').data('theme', siteData.theme);

    //reset all the buttons widgets
        .removeClass('ui-btn-up-a ui-btn-up-b ui-btn-up-c ui-btn-up-d ui-btn-up-e ui-btn-hover-a ui-btn-hover-b ui-btn-hover-c ui-btn-hover-d ui-btn-hover-e')
        .addClass('ui-btn-up-' + $('div[data-theme]', '#index').data('theme'))
        .attr('data-theme', $('div[data-theme]', '#index').data('theme'));

    //reset the header/footer widgets
    $.mobile.activePage.find('.ui-header, .ui-footer')
        .removeClass('ui-bar-a ui-bar-b ui-bar-c ui-bar-d ui-bar-e')
        .addClass('ui-bar-' + $('div[data-theme]', '#index').data('theme'))
        .attr('data-theme', $('div[data-theme]', '#index').data('theme'));

    //reset the page widget
    $.mobile.activePage.removeClass('ui-body-a ui-body-b ui-body-c ui-body-d ui-body-e')
        .addClass('ui-body-' + $('div[data-theme]', '#index').data('theme'))
        .attr('data-theme', $('div[data-theme]', '#index').data('theme'));

    $.each(siteData["pages"], function (i, v) {

        if (!$('#' + v["id"]).length) {

            // Build nav.
            $.mobile.activePage.find('[data-role=content]').append('' +
                '<a href="#' + v["id"] +
                '" data-role="button">' + v["name"] +

            var components = {};

            var newPage = $("<div data-role='page' id='" + v["id"] +
                "'><div data-role=header><a data-iconpos='left' data-icon='back' href='#' data-role='button' " +
                "data-rel='back'>Back</a>" +
                "<h1>" + v["name"] + "</h1>" +
                "</div>" +
                "<div data-role=content>" + pagecontent +
                "</div>" +
                "<div data-role='footer'>" +
                "<h4>" + v["name"] + "</h4>" +
                " </div>" +




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why dont you use $('[data-role=page]').page({ theme: 'e' });? e is for example. – Omar Apr 30 '13 at 17:07

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From your code it looks like siteData.theme holds the theme name i.e. 'b' so you can just add:

        theme: siteData.theme

To your script.

This will not however change the header and footer from the default theme. You could just in the newPage creation add data-theme=siteData.theme depending on whats in siteData.theme of course.

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