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I have been looking any network graph api for graph creation, manipulation with edges and nodes that can be used with Android effectively. And if touch event on edges is possible, than it would be great.I've looked so many API like JUNG , but I don't know it supports Android and or not.There are APIs but works with chart, histograms.

below link also couldn't help me enough.


Any help would be appreciable.

what i've tried is , I created an image for edge and node. And I've applied ImageView but it doesn't help me.It is not feasible for me Because if there is 10-12 edges in a graph, than i'll have to take 10-12 ImageView instance, i also can not run loop 10-12 times as there is no symmetry b/w edges.

I want to create an graph at run time so that user can also perform touch based event on edges.Is there any API ?

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See if this helps:-

Detecting touch events on bars in a BarChart

The best network API to use can be Google Chart.

Check this out

Google Chart

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thanx for u'r suggestion.. but I am looking for graph with nodes and edges.. Can these API help me? –  ved May 1 '13 at 4:05

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