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I have an aliased template, defined with the using directive:

template<typename A>
using T=TC<decltype(A::b),decltype(A::c)>;

Does C++11 offer a mechanism to forward declare this template alias T?

I tried:

template<typename> struct T;


using T;

but both return compiler errors ("conflict with previous declaration"). I am using gcc 4.8.

What is the syntax to get this to work?

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No, it's not possible.

What you want to do is forward declare TC, then define T immediately below it.

template<typename T, typename U>
struct TC;

template<typename A>
using T=TC<decltype(A::b),decltype(A::c)>;
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That is what I was afraid of. I will give the question a few more minutes in hope for another answer, and probably accept this answer afterwards. – mirk Apr 30 '13 at 16:20

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