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I have this code in one of the shard Views:

   <a href="@Url.Action("Index","Campaigns")" class="tables"><span>Campaigns</span></a>

On the Campaigns Controller I have a custom AuthorizeAttribute like this:

[AuthorizeRoles(Roles = "admin")]
public class CampaignsController : Controller

The problem is that if the user is not an admin, the link is still being rendered, even if the controller is not accessible.

I am using a custom implementation and because of this, standard methods of authorization such as .IsInRole will not work.

Is there a way to apply an attribute to my controller method in such a way that the link is hidden if the user does not have access, without using .IsInRole?

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You can do create your own extension method to extend MvcHtmlString so that Action thing will be rendered based on condition

public static MvcHtmlString IfAllowed(this MvcHtmlString action, bool allowed)
  return allowed? action:String.Empty;

When you use, I dont know how your custom stuff works but pass in the boolean based on your custom role or whatever

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