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I had previously posted problems like the following, but have not yet found a solution. I am having a store (mapping) from a record type (with five members) to a string value. A fold with a function guarding on the three elements of the record and returns a mapping (string to string). I need to solve some lemmas like gsc_MapsTo_iff_right below.

The code may contain some awkward syntax (for example fold) as I am not expert of Coq. Sorry for that.

Thank you for your help.


Require String.  

Record c_id : Type := build_c_id {
  c_id_d : String.string;
  c_id_p : String.string;    
  c_id_s : bool; 
  c_id_h : bool; 
  c_id_k : String.string   

Definition skey := String.string.   
Definition st (elt:Type) := list (String.string * elt).
Variable elt : Type. 

Parameter Sadd : skey -> String.string -> st String.string -> st String.string.
Parameter SMapsTo : skey -> String.string -> st String.string -> Prop.

Definition ckey := c_id. 
Definition ct (e:Type) := list (ckey * elt).
Implicit Type cm: ct elt.  

Parameter Cadd : ckey -> String.string -> ct String.string -> st String.string.
Parameter CMapsTo : ckey -> String.string -> ct String.string -> Prop.

Parameter elements : ct String.string -> list (ckey*String.string).

Fixpoint rec_fold {A : Type} (f: ckey -> String.string -> A -> A) (l : list (ckey * String.string)) (b: A) : A :=
 match l with
 | nil => b
 | cons (k, v) t => f k v (rec_fold f t b)

Fixpoint fold {A: Type} (f: ckey -> String.string -> A -> A)
                   (cm: ct String.string) (b:A) : A := 
 rec_fold f (elements cm) b. 

Parameter empty : st String.string.

Axiom str_dec : forall a b : String.string, {a = b} + {a <> b}.
Definition str_eqdec (a b: String.string):bool :=
 if str_dec a b then true else false. 

Notation "x =?= y" := (str_eqdec x y) (at level 30).

Definition andb (b1 b2:bool) : bool := if b1 then b2 else false.
Notation "x & y" := (andb x y) (at level 40).

Definition get_sc (d p: String.string) (ckm: ct String.string)  
 : st String.string := 
         (fun cki v zm => if d =?= cki.(c_id_d) & 
                             p =?= cki.(c_id_p) &
                             (negb (cki.(c_id_s)))
                           then Sadd cki.(c_id_k) v zm
                          else zm ) 

Lemma gsc_MapsTo_iff_right:
  forall p d zk zv zh cm,
  CMapsTo (build_c_id d p false zh zk) zv cm ->
  SMapsTo zk zv (get_sc d p cm).
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I don't understand, do you assume some axioms regarding CMapsTo and SMapsTo? Could you list them? – Ptival Apr 30 '13 at 22:49
@Ptival In my original code, it assumes all the definitions/Axioms for (add, MapsTo, fold etc) from FSetWeakList.Make, but I need them with key and elt to be c_id and String.string for CMapsTo/CAdd and String.string, String.string for SMapsTo/SAdd. I did't know to instantiate MapsTo, add and fold directly from the library with my types. – Khan May 1 '13 at 11:07
I found that the lemma in current form does not hold. A property of the following form needs to be added: Definition c_valid (cm: ct String.string): Prop := forall cki cki' zv, CMapsTo cki zv cm -> CMapsTo cki' zv cm -> cki.(c_id_d) = cki'.(c_id_d) -> cki.(c_id_p) = cki'.(c_id_p) -> cki.(c_id_k) = cki'.(c_id_k) -> (cki.(c_id_s) = cki'.(c_id_s) /\ cki.(c_id_h) = cki'.(c_id_h) ). Lemma get_site_cookies_MapsTo_iff: forall prot p d zk zv cm, c_valid cm -> SMapsTo zk zv (get_site_cookies prot d p cm) <-> (exists zs, exists zh, CMapsTo (build_c_id d p zs zh zk) zv cm). Proof. – Khan May 2 '13 at 11:38

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