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I am using the following method to basically create a JSON string.

var saveData = {};
saveData.a = 2;
saveData.c = 1;

However the .a and .c don't cut it for what I need to do, I need to replace these with strings. So something like..

var name = 'wibble'; = 2;

This would get accessed with


Does anyone know how this could be achieved?

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var name = "wibble";
saveData[name] = 2;


Note that, in JavaScript, the following notations are equivalent:

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Use the map accessor:

var name = 'wibble'
saveData[name] = 2
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You can access Javascript objects using a dictionary notation:

var name = 'wibble';
saveData[name] = 2;

saveData.wibble is now 2.

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