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I have the following code to implement Elevator:

public class Elevator{

   Direction dir;
   int floorNum;
   int capacity;

   public void moveUp{
      dir = Direction.Up;

   public void moveDown{
     dir = Direction.Down

   public boolean isMoving{
     returns dir.equals(Direction.STATIONARY);

public class ElevatorController{

   Elevator[] elevators;

   PriorityQueue<Integer> queue = new PriorityQueue<Integer>;

   public void buttonPressed{Direction d, int fromFloot, int toFloor){ 


I read the a good way to implement elevator would be to implement a priority queue to get the elevator but am not sure how.

queue would contain the destination floor.

How would you recommend to implement it?

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Depends on what you want it to behave like. I think it has to be dependend on if and what destination is selected from inside the Elevator, don't you think? Example: Elevator is at 5th, client selects -1 (Garage) and client2 is on 3rd and pushes "get". Should it pick up client2? Is there a getForMovingUp and getForMOvingDown or only neutral get? –  Fildor Apr 30 '13 at 16:55
there is a direction which tells if the direction is up or down in the method signature. yes it would pick them up on the way –  Dejel Apr 30 '13 at 16:59

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One possibility is to use two separate TreeSets to order the floors, up and down. If you're adding a floor above currentFloor then add it to up, if you're adding a floor below currentFloor then add it to down; if you're adding a floor equal to currentFloor then discard it. The TreeSet automatically discards duplicates. When determining the next floor to visit, then if direction == UP then visit the next lowest floor in up, and if direction == DOWN then visit the next highest floor in down.

Alternatively you can use a single TreeSet and try to come up with a clever Comparator that takes the elevator direction into account, but that seems like more trouble than it's worth.

private TreeSet<Integer> up = new TreeSet<>(); // floors above currentFloor
private TreeSet<Integer> down = new TreeSet<>(); // floors below currentFloor
private int currentFloor = 0;
private Enum direction = direction.UP;

public void addFloor(int f) {
    if(f < currentFloor) {
    } else if(f > currentFloor) {
    // else f == currentFloor, so don't add the floor to either queue

public int nextFloor() {
    if(direction == direction.DOWN) {
        return down.pollLast(); // highest floor in down, or null if empty
    } else {
        return up.pollFirst(); // lowest floor in up, or null if empty
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