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I am using this table-plus macro with Confluence:


Can I have cell level formatting? I only see column level formatting.

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It is not possible to do this with the {table-plus} macro. However, you can do it in Confluence with a more advanced table formatting plugin as described by Zac.

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How to do this all depends on what plugins you have obtained and enabled. The built-in table cell syntax, while concise, has nowhere to put such customization. You may want to look at Adaptavist's plugin for Content Formatting Macros, especially the table macro -- you can throw bgcolor attributes on the cells with no problem.

Of course, after a point, it starts to look a lot like html, in which case you may just want to enable the HTML plugin that ships with Confluence, but you should first be aware of the security implications of doing so; it may not be appropriate for your environment.

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