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What would be the easiest way to separate the directory name from the file name when dealing with SaveFileDialog.FileName in C#?

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(and the corresponding System.IO.Path.GetFileName). The Path class is really rather useful.

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You could construct a FileInfo object. It has a Name, FullName, and DirectoryName property.

var file = new FileInfo(saveFileDialog.FileName);
Console.WriteLine("File is: " + file.Name);
Console.WriteLine("Directory is: " + file.DirectoryName);
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The Path object in System.IO parses it pretty nicely.

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Since the forward slash is not allowed in the filename, one simple way is to divide the SaveFileDialog.Filename using String.LastIndexOf; for example:

string filename = dialog.Filename;
string path = filename.Substring(0, filename.LastIndexOf("\"));
string file = filename.Substring(filename.LastIndexOf("\") + 1);
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