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I'm getting an error (INVALID_SESSION_ID) when trying to send an authenticated GET request to Salesforce.com.

Here is the plug-in in its entirety, which basically just outputs the body of the REST response to whatever page has the [MembershipTables] shortcode:

    if (!class_exists('WP_Http')) {
        include_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . '/class-http.php');

    // This is obviously the real username
    $username = 'xxxx@xxxx.xxx';
    // And this is obviously the real password concatonated with the security token
    $password = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

    function getMembershipTables() {
    $api_url = 'https://na15.salesforce.com/services/apexrest/directory';
    $headers = array('Authorization' => 'Basic ' . base64_encode("$username:$password"));
    $args = array('headers' => $headers);
    $request = new WP_Http;
    $result = $request->request($api_url, $args);
    $body = $result['body'];
    echo "$body";

    add_shortcode( 'MembershipTables', 'getMembershipTables' );

I should note that I can successfully hit this endpoint with Curl, though I use a session token I get from Salesforce using the old SOAP API to keep it equivalent (i.e., no client id/secret).

Am I doing something wrong with WP_Http? Or cannot I not authenticate a salesforce.com request using basic auth?


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The salesforce API does not support Basic authentication, you need to call it with a sessionId. You can obtain a sessionId by various methods include interactive & programatic OAuth2 flows, and via a Soap login call.

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Basis Interactive had a similar problem to solve. When I worked on the project I opted to to call the SalesForce CRM via the preset form plugin and a custom JS Cookie PHP Wordpress Plugin. We had this problem easily resolved by developing custom calls to SalesForce CRM via a getRequest in PHP passing data to the SalesForce CRM.

Test Site in Use:


Here is the code and recycle the logical queries

Download Link:


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