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We are looking at creating a custom PDF document for users using C#. The windows app will ask certain questions to the user. Based on the questionnaire responses certain sections are removed / added. The PDF will be in a 2 column layout with fair amount of graphics etc.

What is the best solution to create this PDF based on user responses to the questionnaire?

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Have you checked out the various open-source libraries for C# to generate PDFs? There are a number of them out there.

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I've used PDFSharp, which is nice. –  Will Oct 27 '09 at 13:14
iTextSharp is also very good. –  Carles Company Oct 27 '09 at 13:46

Two good products for pdf creatation in C# are itextsharp (http://itextsharp.sourceforge.net) and pdfsharp (http://www.pdfsharp.net/) I think both will do what you are trying to do. Both have a lot of samples.

For a commercial product activePDF is a very feature rich pdf toolkit editor/generator.

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ActiveReports has an export-to-PDF option for its reports. This option would let you work with a sophisticated report designer (open-source libraries may have this too, though). It is kind of expensive (especially compared to free).

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We use Adlib Express in-house. It does conversion, publishing and OCR.

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I must be blind but where on there site is a price listed for there product's? Looks interesting though. –  Refracted Paladin Oct 27 '09 at 13:30

You could create a WPF flow document. Then you are really flexible creating a layout, especially concerning variable contents. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/cc163371.aspx for an overview. These documents can easily be saved as xps (pdf-like format), maybe that is already an option. If not, there are special printer drivers or tools like PDF Creator that will create a pdf from your flow document.

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There are many choices of toolkit for this requirement. Given that the document has a dual column layout and is graphics-intensive (sounds like some kind of marketing collateral?), I'd definitely recommend testing a couple of solutions and see which ones work best. Multi-column layouts are sometimes tricky to capture faithfully after conversion. In general printer driver based conversion tools will produce the most accurate output for tricky documents. Some popular printer driver based tools that support this requirement include: EasyPDF SDK from pdfonline.com (I'm on the engineering team for this so consider me appropriately biased here), ActivePDF, and Adobe's first party tools such as LiveCycle. Good luck!

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Disclosure - I work for Nevron.

ITextSharp is a good choice, but is not free for commercial usage. You can also check out commercial rich text editors with PDF export capability (like Nevron Rich Text, Devexpress etc.).

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