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good day.

i've been using boost spirit classic in the past and now i'm trying to stick to the newer one, boost spirit 2.x. could someone be so kind to point me in how to deal with keywords? say, i want to distinguish between "foo" and "int" where "foo" is identifier and "int" is just a keyword. i want to protect my grammar from incorrect parsing, say, "intfoo".

okay, i have

struct my_keywords : boost::spirit::qi::symbols<char, std::string> {
                my_keywords() {
                    //TODO: add others
            } keywords_table_;

and the ident rule declared as:

boost::spirit::qi::rule<Iterator, std::string(),  ascii::space_type> ident;
ident = raw[lexeme[((alpha | char_('_')) >> *(alnum | char_('_'))) - keywords_table_]];

and, say, some rule:

boost::spirit::qi::rule<Iterator, ident_decl_node(),  ascii::space_type> ident_decl;
ident_decl = ("void" | "float" | "string" | "bool") >> ident;

how to write it correctly, stating that "void", "float", etc are keywords? thanks in advance.

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You may ask this on the Spirit mailing list: boost.org/community/groups.html#spirit –  Éric Malenfant Oct 27 '09 at 13:51

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Hmmm just declare your rule to be:

//the > operator say that your keyword MUST be followed by an ident
//instead of just may (if I understood spirit right the >> operator will
//make the parser consider other rules if it fail which might or not be
//what you want.
ident_decl = keyword_table_ > ident;

Expending on your exemple you should have something like this at the end:

struct my_keywords : boost::spirit::qi::symbols<char, int> {
                my_keywords() {
                    ("void", TYPE_VOID)
                    ("string", TYPE_STRING)
                    ("float", TYPE_FLOAT)
                    ("int", TYPE_INT)
                    ("bool", TYPE_BOOL)
                    //TODO: add others
            } keywords_table_;


class ident_decl_node
   //this will  enable fusion_adapt_struct to access your private members
   template < typename, int>
   friend struct boost::fusion::extension::struct_member;
   //new version of spirit use:
   //friend struct boost::fusion::extension::access::struct_member;

   int type;
   std::string ident;

   (int, type)
   (std::string, ident)


struct MyErrorHandler
    template <typename, typename, typename, typename>
    struct result { typedef void type; };

    template <typename Iterator>
    void operator()(Iterator first, Iterator last, Iterator error_pos, std::string const& what) const
        using boost::phoenix::construct;

        std::string error_msg = "Error! Expecting ";
        error_msg += what;  // what failed?
        error_msg += " here: \"";
        error_msg += std::string(error_pos, last);   // iterators to error-pos, end
        error_msg += "\"";

        //put a breakpoint here if you don't have std::cout for the console or change
        //this line for something else.
        std::cout << error_msg;


using boost::spirit::qi::grammar;
using boost::spirit::ascii::space_type;

typedef std::vector<boost::variant<ident_decl_node, some_other_node> ScriptNodes;

template <typename Iterator>
struct NodeGrammar: public grammar<Iterator, ScriptNodes(), space_type>
    using boost::spirit::arg_names; //edit1

    NodeGrammar: NodeGrammar::base_type(start)
      //I had problem if I didn't add the eps rule (which do nothing) so you might
      //want to leave it
      start %= ident_decl | some_other_node_decl >> eps;

      ident_decl %= keyword_table > ident;
      //I'm not sure if the %= operator will work correctly on this, you might have to do
      //the push_back manually but I think it should work
      ident %= raw[lexeme[((alpha | char_('_')) >> *(alnum | char_('_'))) - keywords_table_]];

      on_error<fail>(start, error_handler(_1, _2, _3, _4)); //edit1

    my_keywords keyword_table_;

    boost::spirit::qi::rule<Iterator, ScriptNodes(),  ascii::space_type> start;
    boost::spirit::qi::rule<Iterator, ident_decl_node(),  ascii::space_type> ident_decl;
    boost::spirit::qi::rule<Iterator, some_other_node(),  ascii::space_type> ident_decl;
    boost::spirit::qi::rule<Iterator, std::string(),  ascii::space_type> ident;

    boost::phoenix::function<MyErrorHandler> error_handler; //edit1

Also I don't know which version you use but I used the one in boost 1.40 and it seems there is a bug when using operator %= followed by only one argument (the parser would not parse correctly this rule). Ex:

ident_decl %= ident;

do this instead

ident_decl %= ident > eps;

which should be equivalent.

Hope this helped.

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thanks for try, but it doesn't work for me. i have many errors, such as: error: no matching function for call to 'boost::fusion::vector_data1<boost::fusion::vector1<std::vector<boost::variant<F‌​reefoil::Private::ident_decl_node, boost::detail::variant::void_, boost::detail::variant::void_, boost::detail::variant::void_, boost::detail::variant::void_, boost::detail::variant::void_, boost::detail::variant::void_, boost::detail::variant::void_, etc etc etc etc... i use boost 1.39 version. –  varnie Oct 28 '09 at 11:22
Can you tell me on what line the error seems to occur? You might have to scroll a lot of text but eventually you should find the line where the error occured in your code. I can try to make you a minimum compilable (this one is untested) exemple with boost 1.39 when I get some time. Keep me tuned to your progress. –  n1ckp Oct 28 '09 at 12:08
the real problem is here: boost/fusion/container/vector/detail/vector_n.hpp|68|error: no matching function for call to 'boost::fusion::vector_data1<boost::fusion::vector1<Freefoil::Private::ident_dec‌​l_node&>, Freefoil::Private::ident_decl_node&>::vector_data1(int&)'| boost/fusion/container/vector/detail/vector_n.hpp –  varnie Oct 28 '09 at 13:48
wow! i've solved it! your note about adding ">> eps" to the end of rule was a cause of problem! in any case, the rule: start %= ident_decl; compiles fine. good, now i have a toy compilable grammar. thank you! –  varnie Oct 28 '09 at 14:11
Hmm weird, >> eps should not do anything. I had problem at runtime if I didn't had >> eps when working with operator %=. Watch it if your program assert at runtime saying something about intrusive_ptr ptr == NULL. But you don't use the same version as I so I don't know. Cheers for solving your problem varnie! –  n1ckp Oct 28 '09 at 14:30

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