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After updating Resharper and StyleCop, post clean-up object initializers now look like this:

var foo = new Foo {
  Bar = 1,
  Baz = 2

How I want them to look, and how StyleCop expects them to look is:

var foo = new Foo 
  Bar = 1,
  Baz = 2

I've been playing with the line brake and brace settings, but am not having any luck so far.

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The issue was that I had line wrapping turned off, but had the chop always setting enabled for object initializers. Evidently, the chop always setting for line wrapping ignores the braces setting for object initializers.

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Chop always doesn't work correctly without line wrapping - this is a known bug. But you can set large enough right margin (MaxInt) to get around it. – Dmitry Osinovskiy May 2 '13 at 10:07

Double check some of your settings and maybe post what you have them set to. Under:

ReSharper Settings > Code Editing > C# > Formatting Style > Braces Layout

You should check that

Array and object initializer

is set to

At next line (BSD style)

Also check your Visual Studio Settings so that

Text Editor > C# > Formatting > New Lines > New Line options for braces > Place open brace on new line for object initializers

is checked

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