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results in:

HTML_QuickForm_text Object
    [_label] => FA-Nummer
    [_type] => text
    [_flagFrozen] => 
    [_persistantFreeze] => 1
    [_attributes] => Array
            [name] => auftragsnr
            [type] => text
            [value] => 123

    [_tabOffset] => 0
    [_tab] =>   
    [_lineEnd] => 

    [_comment] => 

trying to output the value of name with

echo $fanr["_attributes"]["value"];

Did not work. The error.log tells me

[Tue Oct 27 13:58:08 2009] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Cannot use object of type HTML_QuickForm_text as array in C:\\htdocs\\apps\\u-antrag\\upload_form.php on line 97

Please, tell me where I made the mistake.

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your variable $fanr is an object, not an array. you have to use $fanr->_attributes['value'] to access its members.

alternatively you can implement the ArrayAccess interface

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$fanr is an object not an array. As such, use the -> operator to access members.

echo $fanr->_attributes['value'];
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Thank you - the error.log shows it clearly. Time to visit my optician. –  vbd Oct 27 '09 at 13:35

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