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Is there a tool to migrate an SQLite database to SQL Server (both the structure and data)?

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SQLite does have a .dump option to run at the command line. Though I prefer to use the SQLite Database Browser application for managing SQLite databases. You can export the structure and contents to a .sql file that can be read by just about anything. File > Export > Database to SQL file.

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The exported file does need some tweaking for diferences in syntax but nothing too complex. Thanks –  Geoff Appleford Oct 2 '08 at 16:09
Technically, the SQLite shell is not SQLite but a console application linked to SQLite which only is a library. –  Benoit Jan 25 '11 at 17:04

The SQLite .dump command will output the entire contents of the database as an ASCII text file. This file is in standard SQL format, so it can be imported into any SQL database. More details on this page: sqlite3

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sqlite-manager, firefox add-on: allows you to export an SQLite database in a SQL script.

Data Base>Export Database>Export to file

(Correction firefox 35 bugg obliged to correct the extension code as indicate to the following web page: How to fix your optional sqlite manager module to work)

Command line :

sqlite3 DB_name .dump > DB_name.sql

exports the sqlite database in a SQL script.

From url : http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/sqlite.

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I use the sqlite-manager, firefox add-on but the Fk is not working in sql server I have to modify the script one by one I have more than 100 table with many FK.. is there a new work around thanks

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