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I'm using Sinatra, and I'm trying to use Slim for the HTML and Stylus for the the CSS.

I'm unsure of what the correct way to do this is. What I've got at the moment works (locally, I've not tried deploying), but I'm wondering if this is the most efficient way of doing things.

My layout.slim file has:


.. in the head. Is this the best way using Stylus stylesheets, or should I set up a /style path in the sinatra app.rb?

My code is below:

This is my app.rb

require 'sinatra'       # ruby url route patterns framework
require 'slim'          # html templating
require 'stylus'        # css templating
require 'stylus/tilt'

get '/' do
  @page_title = "Home"
  slim :index

In the views folder, I have a layout.slim which looks like this

    title #{@page_title}


    #header header in layout.slim

      == yield


An index.slim which looks like this

p this is the index which is 'yielded' in the layout.slim

In the same folder as app.rb, I have style.styl:

  color white
  background-color red
  color #eeeeee
  background-color blue
  padding 5px
  width 100%
  padding 0px 20px
  color #111111
  padding 5px
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I'd set up a route for it, then you gain some encapsulation as it appears the same as any external style sheet would, allowing you to swap Stylus for something else later, or pre-processed CSS. That's just my opinion, if what you have works then it works. –  iain May 1 '13 at 11:48
That's not forgetting the obvious external stylesheet vs CSS in the header argument, which was won years ago by external stylesheets. –  iain May 1 '13 at 11:51
did you get the styl: to work..I am getting a compile error –  coool May 26 at 17:35
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