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I have the following CSV file.

Item Number,Item Description,List Price,QTY Available
3079-000-006-000,Covert GTX Liner Size 6,99.99,8
3079-000-007-000,Covert GTX Liner Size 7,99.99,36
3079-000-008-000,Covert GTX Liner Size 8,99.99,181

I need to limit the QTY Available to 10. So If row[3] is greater than 10 I want the value 10 to show up in that role. So far I have:

import csv
import os

inputFileName = "temp.csv"
outputFileName = os.path.splitext(inputFileName)[0] + "_modified.csv"

with open(inputFileName, "rb") as inFile, open(outputFileName, "wb") as outfile:
    r = csv.reader(inFile)
    w = csv.writer(outfile)

    w.writerow(['Item Number', 'Item Description', 'List Price', 'QTY Available'])

    for row in r:
        if row[3] >= 10:
            row[3] = 10

This turns all the values in the QTY Available column to 10 however I only want to change the ones that exceed 10. How can I limit the values to 10?

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Sorry that was a copy error I have edited it. –  barkl3y Apr 30 '13 at 21:40

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You are comparing strings and integers; turn row(10) into an integer first before comparing:

for row in r:
    if int(row[3]) >= 10:
        row[3] = 10

It doesn't matter that you set row[3] to an integer for output as the csv.writer() will turn it back to a string again for you.

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