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Recently, the company I work for has moved some of it's long term storage to Hadoop and Hive.

I have a task where I need to query table_a for information, where table_b.unique is IN a text file. This text file will be uploaded via a script prior to the query being started.

From my searches, it seems the ONLY way to do this is to load the data from the text file into a table, and then perform the query; however I do NOT have access to CREATE tables.

Is there any way to take this Hive query and change it from table_B.unique = 'abcd1234' to using an IN statement with a text file, without loading the file into a table first?

SELECT * FROM table_A 
JOIN table_B
ON (table_A.instancename = AND table_B.unique = 'abcd1234');
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If you can't create any tables (not even external tables?) then I don't believe you can use hql.

You may be able to achieve this using Pig Latin.

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